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A Tribute film to the life of Nilson Pereira and the  "Mansion Of the Way" (Mansão do Caminho) in Salvador (BA) Brazil 

Anne Sinclair speaks at the 2nd British Spiritist Congress 

Apocalypse Myths and Truth" by Haroldo Dutra Dias at Fraternity 

Maria Gomes at the 2nd British Spiritist Congress 

Part of the presentation "Parables of Jesus" by Haroldo Dias Dutra  

Spiritual Healing through laying on of hands" by Dra Marlene Nobre

O Novo Testamento" by Haroldo Dutra  

Haroldo Dutra "History of Religion" at the 2nd British Spiritist Congress  

Apostle Paul" by Haroldo Dutra at 2nd British Congress - London  

Andrei Moreira - "Sexuality its Spiritual Explanations and Impacts  

Richard Simonetti apresenta "To love and to live in Peace" no Sir  

"Create inner peace in order to be happy" por Divaldo Franco  

Debate of the 1st Lusophonic Spiritist / Spiritualist Film Festival 

Video in Portuguese: Marta Moura "Saude Fisica e Espiritual relacionada com a Mediunidade"  

Beth Freire "Scientific Approach to Chico's Letters"-2nd British Spiritism  

BUSS Campaign in aid of O.C.C. 2013